Monday, September 19, 2016

Toy smeg...

Check out her grin! I knew she'd love a smeg as much as I do, I even got an excited clap.  I've been looking at this wee oven for ages (years), thinking I should give it a revamp, I finally did.  Here's a few action shots, beautifully modelled by Miss Summer.

I had leftover paint from our front door, which was the perfect colour, and a high gloss.  The knobs were painted in Resene Stack (our doorstep colour), the elements a glossy black and the inside I sprayed with a can of chrome coloured spray paint.  New handles were from bunnings.  The smeg letters were from a gold coin shop, in the craft aisle, they're foam stickers and I sprayed them with the same paint I used inside the oven.   

The oven as it was.

My inspiration (via pinterest).  I had actually started giving the oven a new coat of white paint, but was feeling very uninspired by it.  This picture got me thinking about a colour, which led to the idea of going for a pastel smeg stove.

This was a fun little project, which I'm sure will keep Summer very entertained, win/win!

Sarah x

ps.  Belly baskets available here

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Macrame inspiration...

One of my favourite trends at the moment is macrame, either plant hangers (natural and vivid colours) and glorious bohemian wall hangings, I can't get enough!  Here's some of the most inspiring pictures I've come across and links to a couple of great books, if you want to give a go yourself.  I'm keen to have a go at a larger piece and would love any advise on where to find the natural cord (preferably in NZ).  Thanks in advance!

I LOVE plants in kids rooms (as blogged about here) and this is one of the best examples I've seen, what a rad room!

via etsy

My favourite style of macrame hanging includes driftwood and lots of beautiful curves, a perfect statement piece in a lounge, or above a bed.  Next on my 'to make' list!

Here's my 'petite' first attempt.  I actually really love it, despite running out of cord, hence the staggered fringing.  It was great practice and surprisingly easy.  I used my clothes rack to hang it from while I knotted, which was perfect, I could sit on the couch with it in front of me.  I just used cord I already had from a hardware store, it was fine for this, but am after a slighter thinner one for a larger project.

For all those enjoying the resurgence of crafts, this book is for you!  Full of instructions on traditional crafting techniques, yet thoroughly modern in style, you'll love it.  Find out more here.

I bought a copy of this book off trademe, and found it covered all I needed to know, albeit in a bit more detail than I was after, at this stage anyway.  Available here.

Macrame wall hanging from MissMollyCoddle

If you're not up for making one, we sell this beauty. Perfect in all it's natural, simplicity.

Sarah x

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Belly basket inspiration...

In case you needed any convincing of how fabulous these baskets are!  

They're my favourite on the website at the moment, are in almost every room of our home, but honestly, I could use one in every room, I'm just trying to practice some restraint.  

We have the white dipped ones available in a bundle buy.  

Here's a natural seagrass belly basket, I painted to match a beautiful old chair I've restored and recovered in vintage ballerina barkcloth. The basket is available for sale here, or you could paint your own to match your colour scheme. 

Here's our hallway, with one of our medium sized black belly baskets

I love the natural seagrass look too.  We have a deal till Thursday midnight, buy a large natural seagrass belly basket and get a medium for half price, whoop whoop!  Just enter code ''naturalbellydeal' at checkout. 

You're welcome! x

*Unless stated, images are via pinterest

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My little lady in a 'little lady' coat...

A few 'action shots' from our recent photo shoot. I've got a few coats underway, so please message me if you're looking for one, or keep an eye out on our facebook page for updates. 

This wee beauty is available now and comes with a matching bonnet, it's size one and photographed on my 'bonnie' 10 month old.  I can't believe how fast she's growing,  feels like yesterday she was tucked up in a bassinet, so little and new. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello!  Have any of you been to one of these?  I'm having a stall at the New Plymouth Fabricabrac, this Saturday, so come say hi if you're around.   I've been through my stash and tried to get a bit realistic about what I'll ever actually use, so am selling a bunch of fabric, wool blankets, trims, a few old patterns and felt balls. 

I came across this cute (and super easy) mobile the other day, made from driftwood and felt balls, I know my little lady would really enjoy looking up at this, and what a sweet way to add a few colours to a room.  

Sarah x

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WIN a planter...

After blogging about my new found love of house plants, Summer, our recently crawling 9 month old, discovered she loved them too!  Dirt everywhere and my much loved (and quite large) fiddle leaf fig on top of her, it may be time to raid missmollycoddle for some wall planters and hangers! 

You can WIN yourself a hanger (before I nab them all) right here, or buy one here.  They also come in a gorgeous mint and classic black. 

For more plant inspiration, check out my pinterest board - HOME indoor plants.

Best of luck x

Friday, April 29, 2016

Plants in kid's rooms...

Ben has just had the cutest little planter added to his shelves.  I'm not sure what the plant is, I nabbed a bit from an outdoor pot, but figured if it got a bit unruly, I'd replace with a cactus.  I love that it looks like a hair style.  He's pretty keen on it too, and his sister is pretty jealous!  The Wild things planter is available here.

I've gone a bit plant mad in our house.  It all started with the (must have) fiddle leaf fig plant, the resurrected maiden hair fern (I'd have sworn it was dead) and recently acquired trailing plants (that's another post).  They've spread themselves around our lounge, into the hall, bathroom and lastly, into our kid's rooms. I find plants don't often feature in kids rooms, but I've managed to find a bit of colourful inspiration for you, courtesy of pinterest.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Happy (somewhat belated) new year!

My apologies for the lack of posts, but it seems one more wee darling added to the family really does make life MUCH busier, especially with school holidays thrown into the mix. I'm hoping to regain a couple of hours each afternoon when school starts next week, fingers crossed! Until then, be sure to enter our latest competition, you might just win yourself one of our very popular belly baskets.  

Best of luck! x

This competition has closed - CONGRATULATIONS to our winner!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WIN a Homely Creatures banner!

Hello. I hope you're all surviving December madness.  There just don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment for me, so this is a super quick random post, just to let you know we're giving away a Homely Creatures 'To the moon and back' banner.  Just visit our facebook page for the post to comment on and you're in the draw, but be quick, it ends tonight!  Best of luck. x

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Hello! It's been quite a while, I know.  This little lady might explain my absence.  Call it baby brain, or maybe bloggers block, either way, she has not been conducive to blogging!  She has however been the cutest addition to the MissMollyCoddle household.  As the following photo's show, Summer has slotted in well as the third (very tolerant) child.  

I hope to return to the sewing machine/blog soon... let's see what our wee bundle of joy will allow!

Sarah x

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Selling and buying our home privately...

Just over a year ago, we successfully sold our house privately (without the help of an agent), and purchased our new home privately as well. We've had so many people ask us how we did it, that I thought I should get it all down in a blog post before I forget what worked (and what didn't) for us. This is by no means a legal guide, it is more a light hearted look at tips and tricks that may just work for you too.  It may be that you decide to sell through an agent (though please at least consider doing it yourselves), but are having trouble finding one through an agent. However you do it, I wish you luck, it's a stressful, but very exciting time!

* Firstly, I took pretty great photos for a very amateur photographer (Ok, so the one above was professional, clearly better than mine).  It may be worth getting someone to help  you with these if you feel they could let you down.  When I was approached to feature in Your home and garden, I was asked to submit photos of our home, so I'd already de-cluttered and taken the best photos I could. Try to look at the photos through the eyes of a potential buyer, or pretend you're looking at images in a magazine and MOVE CLUTTER!  Even if it's all pushed into the hallway (if you have one, we didn't) while you photograph a room, get it out! Your laundry basket and excess toys are not selling points.

* Do your homework.  What have houses in your area sold for?  How do they compare to yours? You can buy reports through QV and Zoodle in New Zealand. If you have time and don't plan to sell immediately, start going to open homes and follow up by seeing what properties sell for, by asking the agent or looking it up. You could get a registered valuation on your property, if this would give you peace of mind knowing what it is estimated to be worth.

* Get various Real Estate agents around for a free appraisal.  Ask them what they think it is worth? How they would market it?  Why they would sell your house a certain way, ie. tender over auction. This may give you an insight into your most likely buyer and the best way to sell to them.  It may be that you end out listing with one of them if selling privately isn't for you, so it is still worth their time. And... selling privately really may not be for you.  I certainly had times I would have preferred to have an agent, but in the end was very glad we'd done it independently.   We were unsure of which way we would go and were upfront about this when we had an agent around, and through meeting them this way we had decided who we would list with, should our house not sell quickly privately. They advised not to drag it out too long before listing with them, as it could make it harder to sell. Yes, probably a ploy to get you listing with them quickly, BUT I do believe it makes sense also. How often have you disregarded a house because it's been on the market for a while? I know I have, I've wondered what's wrong with it, price? Gang house next door?
* Write a great advertisement for your listing!  List all the things you love about your house, that you think are great selling points. We had a fabulous location, close to town, and this is what we could have written, but we looked up the exact distance and wrote that in our listing.  Why put "close to town", when you could put "600m to town".  We also left out the size of our house and it's gv. Neither of these were great selling points and people could ask us if it was important to them.  We still sold our teeny house significantly over gv. We also bought over gv and were happy to do so as we felt we had a fair idea of what it would be worth if it had been listed by an agent. It's registered valuation proved was inline with what we paid, and expected it to be worth.

* We listed on trademe, which from memory was around $400... that's what our house cost to sell! Plus legal fees, which you still have to pay with a real estate agent anyway.

* Do a leaflet drop in your area.  Have it similar to what you may hand out at an open home. A few great photos, say a square collage.  You can edit photo's and make photo collages, at picmonkey. Include all the positives you want to mention, contact details and how they can view.  Options you may consider are "Viewing by arrangement" "Phone to view anytime" or dates and time of open homes.  Have a think about what will work best for you.  I liked the idea of open homes, but was very accommodating afterwards for new viewers and especially those wanting to bring friends/family/builders through.  Some people may wonder why you'd do a drop for people already in your area, especially if aiming for first home buyers. But, some of your neighbours may be renting and wanting to buy, have friends living nearby that love where they live, family that want to be closer, or see the potential for an investment property.  I've come across all these scenarios.  I think it's a sign of a good real estate agent too, when you receive a marketing flyer in your letterbox for a neighbouring property new to the market.

* We did an open home. After listing our house on the friday night, on trademe, we had an open home that Sunday.  As recommended by a real estate agent, we didn't show anyone through prior (they wanted to!) as it creates more pressure/shows the interest when seeing a lot of people at the open home, as opposed to showing them through on their own as soon as possible, when they may get a sense of being the only ones interested.  Ours went for 45 minutes and again, if it's not too long, you're more likely to have a busy one. We also needed the Saturday for last minute cleaning, weeding, staging.

* When deciding on the time for our open home, we looked up others due to happen in our area on the same day and overlapped.  There was  a comparable house about two blocks from us, having one from 1 - 1.45, so ours started at 1.30 to catch the viewers finishing there.  We had signs made up with the day and time of open home and our address, with arrows to stick below these details and point them in the right direction.  We put one opposite the other open home to direct those viewers to us! Cheeky huh?  My Mum has a gallery and we put her big OPEN sign out front.

* Remove anything that doesn't help sell it, including in my opinion old cars.  We're not big car people (I'd so much rather spend on my home!) and at the time of selling had a couple of real "gets us from A - B" cars, which without wanting to sound snooty, did our house no favours parked out front. We also loaded our old dungers up with extra bits.  My husband drove around with a bassinette in his car for a week!  Plus my extensive stash of (backbreaking to lift!) interiors magazines.

* You may want to print an info sheet.  This can be good for people to have something to keep looking at. We ran out of time (after all the cleaning!) and this actually worked in our favour.  People could ask anything they wanted and would get an honest answer from us, or they could obtain information from council, but I feel it may have helped us by not having the negatives (small floor area and low gv) down on paper.  They were loving it for what it was (as we'd done for 6 1/2 years!) and placing their own value on it, rather than focusing on negatives, or showing their friends/family who may focus on it, or certainly have something to say about it.
* Fresh flowers.  Do I need to elaborate?  I love them! 
* It's in the details!  I do have some lovely white towels (just like in the image above) but... I also borrowed some off mum before the photo shoot, so I could ditch the others, including kids licenced beach towels. It looks far more luxurious, in what was essentially a basic, small bathroom.  We also borrowed her lovely outdoor furniture.  It's money in your pocket at the end of the day, so the more attention you pay to details and the more effort you put into cleaning and presentation, the more you will hopefully gain, regardless of whether selling privately or through an agent.
*  We had a fair bit of interest, so decided to go for a  "best offers in by" approach.  In hindsight, we hadn't given people enough time to get things sorted for offers.  I'm not sure what the best length of time would be, perhaps see what real estate are regularly doing.  Somewhere between soon enough that urgency is created, not so long that people change their minds, or find another property.

*  We also did a leaflet drop to find our current property and got extremely lucky. There weren't a lot of houses on the market at the time and there seemed to be a scrum for anything in the location we wanted, so doing a drop in our area meant we avoided this. In a dream world we wanted an extra bedroom, still to have a studio/sleepout, a garage would be nice, and we really didn't want to leave our area... or extend our mortgage too much to stay.  We got all of the above, two blocks away.  Sure, we need to do a fair bit of work and I compromised on my beautiful back yard, but we still got so much of what we wanted, all by going for a walk around the neighbourhood one evening.  We made a simple flier, young family looking to purchase in your area, blah, blah, blah.. and got a phone call the next morning.  Voile!

*We didn't get it for less than it would have been marketed at (real estate quotes littering the house assured us of this), perhaps we could have, but we had good offers on ours, were elated to find what we were looking for and really wanted to secure it and keep everyone happy.   In my experience a bit of politeness goes along way.  I would be much more inclined to negotiate with someone I liked, than someone who may have picked holes in every aspect of our home. Buying privately means you'll meet the owner, so bear in mind it would pay to have a pleasant relationship from the offset, for what usually becomes quite a stressful ordeal.  Owners know their homes flaws and (usually) price accordingly, if not, at least remain polite when negotiating. Remember, it is their home, odds are there will be emotions involved in selling it.

*Good luck!!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A quick bit of news...

These adorable 'Hug a cloud' cushions have arrived in store.  They're beautifully made from incredibly soft bamboo felt, with lovely embroidery and appliqued details.  You can get yours here.
We're having a sale on facebook Friday 28th November 7-9pm. Pop on over for some bargains!
We had our first night market last weekend and it was fabulous!  Soooo busy and such a great atmosphere.  If you didn't make it, we'll be at the next one.  Plus we'll be at Ngamotu Beach New Plymouth, for the Sunday 7th December market, come check it out, it's on from 9-3.  For more market info go to The Seaside Market facebook page.
See you back here soon (I promise not to leave it so long!)
Sarah x

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